Hackney Education

We were approached by Hackney IT Services for Schools (HITSS) back at the start of 2020 to assist with the production of a set of newsletters aimed at secondary school managers and IT decision-makers. The newsletters were to publicise the work and services of HITSS, a department within Hackney Education (Hackney Council).

Working in partnership with Cubby Studio, the first newsletter was nearing production when COVID-19 hit. As students and staff were then working remotely, a physical/PDF newsletter format was no longer appropriate.

The team worked together to pivot and launch a new LinkedIn page for HITSS instead, to target staff online via social media instead of clogging up inboxed filled with crisis communications. We supported in the creation of regular posts and article content and the branding, banners, and graphic design.

As a result, HITSS are more responsive to trending #EdTech topics, have gained respect from the sector, are gaining new followers, and received interest and service bookings as a result of relevant and topical posts.

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