Chalkstream Ltd.

Chalkstream Ltd. combine research, strategic planning and public relations expertise to help clients achieve their objectives through improved insight and communication.

Chalkstream clients most commonly operate in the education and skills sectors, but they also work with a wide range of other types of organisation, including Government departments and agencies, membership organisations, and publishers.

I have worked with Chalkstream Ltd. to deliver editorial and proofreading / editing, supporting a number of their clients.

“It has been a pleasure working with Kathy on projects that require expert copywriting and editing skills. She brings attention to detail, creativity, and a flair for client liaison to each task. She has very broad experience in the education sectors in which we operate and is therefore able to get up to speed very quickly. We only work with the best and Kathy is one of them.”
Ben Verinder, Managing Director, Chalkstream Ltd.

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